Baseballers with Pretty Eyes

One woman's quest to look good while losing her office fantasy baseball league.

Name: Angel Pagan
Team: San Francisco Giants
Position: Center fielder
Overall pre-draft rank in ESPN fantasy projections: 174
Pretty eye report: Dark, well-defined lashes, not the most full, but still definitely flutter-capable.


Although Mr. Pagan’s lashes helped him earn his place in the team, his name also had a large influence. Seconded only perhaps by Cubs short stop Starlin Castro, Heavenly Heathen has one of the most confused names in baseball.

Besides his wonderful name, as of today Cherub Impiety has a batting average of .304 this season, making him one of my most productive batters. So, I would like to thank Godly Infidel for making the Fifty Lashes defeats far less embarrassing than they could be.

Seraph Profane is also a big fan of spearfishing. He discusses his hobby in this quick interview, providing excellent eyelash footage, especially at 40-46 seconds in. Check it out here:

Angel Pagan assists teammate Pablo Sandoval by cream pie-ing himself

For more cream pie action, check out And That’s the Ballgame, and for all the stats you could ever want on Celestial Nonbeliever, check out ESPN.

A sampling of Mr. Pagan’s acrobatics

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